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5 Debunked Fishing Misconceptions

Fishing is a fun hobby that involves skill and patience, especially if you want to be competitive. However, there is more to sport fishing than just rods, bait, and boats. If you want to learn more about competitive fishing, keep reading.

Sport fishing competitions can be done individually or in teams. During these competitions, points are awarded for every fish caught. Points are given based on the weight and species of fish. The team or individual that gets the most points wins the game.

Fishing is more than just a means to live. It still is today, but fishing has now also evolved into recreation. However, there are a lot of myths and superstitions surrounding it. In this article, we will debunk the common myths and misconceptions about fishing.

Misconception #1: Fishing Is Boring

Do you have a picture in your head of an old man sitting in his Panga boat and holding a pole while snoring? Popular movies and media outlets depict fishing as a boring sport where you just sit and wait for a fish. Although there is some truth to that, it can be interesting.

Fishing is an exciting activity. You have to strategize where to situate yourself and bait the fish—which involves skill with the fishing rod and knowledge of fish behavior. The thrill of catching a fish and reeling it in can be similar to shooting a ball into the basket. It takes great patience and skill to bring in a two-pound crappie—even more for a 700-pound marlin! If anyone says fishing is boring, it’s definitely not!

Misconception #2: Anglers Keep Everything They Catch

Everytime a fisherman catches a fish, he has the choice to keep or release it. There are some areas where local regulations require anglers to release fish that meet certain conditions. However, there are also areas where fish have no natural predators, so they eat other fish in the area. There are also invasive species that local authorities recommend removing from the water. Whatever the case, make sure you are aware of the local regulations.

Misconception #3: Fishing Pollutes Waterways

Fishermen love spending time on the water. It’s peaceful and quiet, so it doesn’t make sense that they will destroy something they love. If they destroy coral reefs and habitats, they won’t have anything to catch. Fishermen do care about the bodies of water and the life forms living in them. Hence, they go to great lengths to make sure they minimize their impact on the environment.

Misconception #4: You Must Be Quiet

“Shut up, you’re scaring the fish!”

People often think that you should be quiet while fishing. This is not true. You can chatter away in your boat with a few companions waiting for the fish.

Misconception #5:There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Water

People believe that there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, these should be backed by scientific evidence and research. There are certain studies that showed that barred sand bass and kelp bass populations have declined by 90%. So, if you want to know if there are a lot of fish, you need to do your own research for each species. This can help you decide whether you should return the fish or keep it. It can also prevent you from accidentally hurting a protected species.

Final Thoughts

Learning about the truth can correct common misconceptions. Fishing is a fun sport that anyone can engage in. You can even bring your friends and family to catch some fish. You might find your next meal at the end of your rod.

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