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Completely Reliable: A Primer on Honda Outboard Engines

Honda outboard engines are one of the most trusted boat engines in the market today. This is prevalent with the vast number of boat dealers putting their trust in such a fantastic piece of equipment. Their functionality and convenience when it comes to getting on the water and enabling a fisherman’s dream of catching the big one is a story that most of us can relate to, much so that you may even find one or two of your neighbors owning one for their boat.

With that said, if you happen to be an aspiring boat dealer and you would like to know more about this fantastic outboard engine, look no further than the following pieces of information. They may not be your average trivia and magazine-style tidbits, but they’re beneficial in familiarizing yourself with such an enhanced and reliable boat engine.

A Short History on Honda Outboards

Mostly known for their automobiles, it may surprise some that Honda also manufactures boat engines. The truth is, they’ve been doing this for many years, starting in 1964 up to this very day. To avoid any confusion, the first sale of Honda outboards was in Japan, while the U.S. only got its first sale in 1967, a year later after its conception.

The Advantages of Buying Honda Outboards

If efficiency is what you’re looking for in a boat engine, then Honda outboards are your go-to choice. But don’t just take our word for it. The following are just some examples of its long-time benefits.

1. The Warranty

People often experience a tremendous amount of hassle when it comes to the warranty of their valuables. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about smartphones, cars, refrigerators, and even outboard engines—people will always strive to have a warranty that they can rely on, just in case their precious items and equipment fail to meet their standards.

Luckily, Honda respects its target market, much so that even their boat engines have an ample amount of warranty, five years, to be exact. You wouldn’t have to worry about it halting on you while you fish in your favorite lake. You can come back after a week or two to continue your hobby.

2. The Engine Block

If you think Honda cars are high-quality, wait ‘till you see their boat engines. The latter is made from the very same engine block as their cars. What you can find in the hood of the Accord and the Pilot, you will also find within their outboard engines.

Is it any wonder why people who use their outboard engines experience the same smooth and secure ride on the water as their land counterparts? Honda takes its engines seriously.

3. The Recognition

People often trust brands rewarded in the highest regard, and Honda is no stranger to being on the top of the stage. The National Marine Manufacturers Association had awarded Honda for their excellence in manufacturing a very reliable boat engine.

Before you disregard the name of the award-giving body, keep in mind that they are made up of the strictest panel for boating equipment, so getting their approval involves a laborious process of testing and analysis. You will not be able to get their thumbs up without proving that your outboard engine is reliable, and safe to use.


Indeed, Honda outboards are something to look out for when you’re planning to have a safe and secure trip on the water. Fishermen, hobbyists, and even sight-seers are leaning more towards this brand for an excellent reason, which mostly has something to do with their efficiency.

Boat Dealers: If you’re looking for high-quality, cost-effective, reliable Panga boats with Honda outboards, then you may check out our catalog of Panga boats for sale. As Panga boat builders, we offer affordable all-in-one Panga boat packages that include boat, engine, and trailer that your customers will love. Contact us to learn more about becoming a Panga Sports dealer.


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