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Do you live in Florida and love fishing but...

you're tired of asking to borrow a boat, waiting on friends, or renting one? Is your old boat shaky and hard to fish from? Are you stuck near the shore with a less than trustworthy boat?

Affordable, All-in-on Panga Boat for Sale in Florida

Get a premium quality USA built Panga Boat from Panga Sports. Complete with Honda engine, aluminum trailer, and just the right amount of standard features (upgrades available).

Delivered right to your door, marina, or dock!

Panga boat for sale in Florida
Affordable Panga boat for sale in Florida

100% Fiberglass Boat Construction

Say goodbye to boat rot. Your Panga boat can take all the wear and tear the Florida climate has to offer. Without ever worrying about your stringers, floor, or transom.

Affordable Priced Boats in Florida

Get a brand new boat at used Panga boat prices. When you buy from Panga sports you are purchasing directly from the boat manufacturer, cutting out tons of cost.

Tried-and-True Boat Design

Fuel-efficient Panga boat design that handles the Florida rough waters and shallow waters with ease.

Florida Panga Boat Delivery

Get your Panga boat delivered to you anywhere in Florida.

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Why Panga Boats are Great for Florida

Panga boats have gained popularity among Florida boating enthusiasts for several reasons. These vessels offer numerous advantages that make them a top choice, including:


Panga Boats capable of handling various water conditions, including choppy seas, making them ideal for offshore fishing or cruising.


Crafted with robust materials and skilled craftsmanship, they endure Florida's harsh sea and sun. This lasting quality guarantees years of use, offering peace of mind and a solid investment return.

Fuel Efficiency

Their hull design allows for smooth gliding through the Florida waters, reducing drag and saving on fuel costs. This makes them an economical choice for long journeys or frequent use.

All Panga Boats for Sale in Florida Include:

Boat, engine, trailer, and just the right amount of features.

Panga Boats For Sale in Florida Included features

Florida Panga Boat Gallery

Panga Sports: Panga Boat Guarantee

Panga Sports guarantees the structural integrity and assembly of your boat for 5 years. 

Warranty for rigging such as pumps, lights, stereo, etc. come directly from what the respective manufacturer has proclaimed.

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