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Buying the Best Fishing Boat: Our Guide for Beginners

For fishing enthusiasts, there's nothing quite like spending a day on a boat. If you're a hobbyist who wants to make the leap and buy a fishing boat, you need to know how to evaluate one. If this is your first time buying a boat, here are a few things that can help.

Check the Features of the Boat

Does the fishing boat for sale have everything you need for a successful trip? Check if it has a high fuel capacity, locking bulk storage, sizable fish boxes, rod holders, sun protection, and an area for raw water wash-downs. Your boat needs to store enough fuel for long hours out, and it should have fishing boxes big enough for your catch. Rod holders and a locking storage are also great to have since these keep your gear safe and secure. Also, since you're dealing with fish blood, chum, and bait, you need an area for wash-downs. Finally, get a boat with sun protection, or at least an option for mounting a Bimini top or canopy.

Ask about the Boat's Warranties and Insurance

New boats should have a warranty that lasts at least one to three years. The warranty should provide details on the coverage, like the types of damage it covers and its duration. Check the seller's return policies for defects, as well. Don't buy a boat that doesn't come with a warranty—however, if you want to purchase a used boat, you can get an extended warranty from your seller or dealer.

Also, find out what your insurance policy says about boats. Knowing the coverage can help you gauge whether the boat is worth its price. Check your existing policy information to see exact details. If your policy doesn't cover boats, you can add it on—it wouldn't cost much to do so. When buying boat insurance, check the location coverage. Policies typically cover up to 100 miles from the coast of the U.S. or Canada.

Conduct an Inspection of the Boat

Ask the dealer or the seller questions about the boat's previous uses, the repairs it has undergone, the types of water it has been on, and the number of hours it has on the engine. Check the hulls for dents, cracks, holes, and other signs of damage or inconsistencies. If you don't know what to look for, ask help from an inspector or a friend knowledgeable with boats. You could also turn to reputable vendors—for example, with Panga Sports, you're sure to get the best and most affordable all-in-one packages.

Take the Boat for a Test Drive

You need to know first-hand how a boat feels on the water before committing to it. You should be able to navigate and control it without issues. Doing this allows you to check if your idiosyncrasies align with the driving experience. Again, having a second (or third) set of eyes can help you with it, so bringing your friend along will help.

After the Sale: What to Know

Once you've decided on a boat, you need to secure a paper trail for it. Get proper documentation of everything—the bill of sale, proof of payment, title, and maintenance records. Make sure these documents are notarized as well. Finally, you would need something to move your boat, so consider getting a trailer for it. If you're buying a used boat, you might get a trailer in the purchase. Otherwise, make sure the trailer you will buy fits your boat's size so you can transport it safely.


When you're ready to take your fishing to the next level, you should buy a boat. Having a boat of your own allows you to maximize your trips, go to the best fishing spots, and preserve your solitude. Keep in mind these tips when you buy your boat, and you'll find the best boat for you!

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