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Signs that it's Time for You to Purchase a New Boat

Around boat show season or towards the end of summer, you'll probably start feeling like you want to buy a new boat. It's pretty difficult to just ignore aluminum rigs and all-new fiberglass you'll see on the boat show floor. Do you really need to look into Panga boats for sale in Florida, or is it just something you want? There are quite a few ways to find out.

What are the signs that it's time to purchase a new boat?

Between riding your boat and watching the game, your fishing friends choose the latter

Sometimes, your boat will be the only option there is to go on a fishing trip. If that's the case and your friends would rather do something else, there's definitely something wrong there. A new change is definitely in order. What could be better than a new engine, a new fish finder, new rod holders, new live wells, and new features? Aside from getting your buddies back out there, you'll definitely get people talking in a good way.

Nobody in your family wants to ride in it

Maybe you've invited your family for another boat ride only for them to refuse. Looking into new Panga boats and buying a new one that's particularly flashy could very well be your ticket to getting them enthused about boating. It may also rejuvenate their interest in watersports.

Your engine has become balky

When you have issues with your outboard, boating will become quite troublesome. If the boat itself is still alright, a repower may be all that's needed. Engines that are new smoke less, run smoother, and start easier. There's also a pretty hefty warranty attached. Repowering is definitely something you'll want to look into.

Your outboard is practically falling into the water

It's entirely possible for the transom of your boat to rot to the point where the outboard's taken on a tilt angle that's all new. If you're already in that situation, it's a rather blatant sign of needing to explore new Panga boats. Aside from being rather expensive, it's also quite dangerous.

When a transom is rotted and old, a full-on catastrophe can occur. This includes your boat sinking. It's also possible for the superstructure underneath the floor (stringers, core, and the floor itself) and the rest of the boat to be in danger as well. Older hulls made on or before the 1990s typically develop this condition. Contact an expert who can do a professional boat inspection and give a full-on report.

You've changed bilge pumps quite a few times

When you have a boat that leaks, it can't be left on its own. You need to keep watching out for it, especially when you have no choice but to leave your cabin and when major storms come in. In some cases, getting it fixed is no longer an option. In those cases, your best bet is to get a new hull.


Boating is a fun experience, especially if you're into fishing. During certain seasons, you may start feeling like it's time to buy a new one. Ways to figure out whether that's a whim or already a need include your engine being balky and your outboard practically falling into the water.

Panga Sports has Panga boats for sale; we sell affordable all-in-one Panga boat packages that include the boat, engine, trailer, and essential features for getting on the water. Delivery available anywhere in the US!


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